Writing is a drug for me.   When I finished writing my first book of short stories “The Cold Light” last year I felt so excited and yet exhausted.   The stories had been gravitating in my head for a while and then all of a sudden they were out there in big wide world.  A true adrenalin rush.

I write with music on.  All the time.  It is part of me, always has been.

If for whatever reason, I cannot access the music, I will make sure I have my favourite pictures or paintings around me.   Just like a mood board, these help me create.

Photography is an excellent outlet for me.   Helps me put together ideas, forms.   There is always a story the other side of the lens.

And so with these pivotal aspects, I want to continue writing and creating, opening up horizons and discovering new levels.

Dreaming is ok

Loving is even better

Inspiring  is a must!

Slightly mad editor at large


Photo © Carl Hyde