The heart and soul of Keyon Harrold, jazz trumpeter par excellence and political activist, spill on the Ronnie Scott’s stage with great passion.

At the time of writing, Keyon Harrold will have played his 3 main show gigs at Ronnie Scott’s jazz club in Soho, London.

I attended the first night where a mixed audience of old, young, conoscenti and non, filled the club.  I was, of course, aware of Harrold’s music and reputation, but had not met him in person, which, in my experience, always makes a difference when listening to an artist’s music.

And the most important message is that Keyon Harrold IS what his music says: a passionate and very chilled man who fills his compositions with his credo which is one of “Peace and Love”, of tolerance and compassion.

You can read in full Gig review on the JazzinEurope website.