I recently interviewed Darrel Sheinman, the “engine” behind Gearbox Records’ for the UK Vibe. Grearbox Records is on the cutting edge  of the vinyl resurgence. Below is an excerpt feel free to read the full interview at the link below.

So we start by talking “beginnings”. I want to know how Darrel started releasing all this high-quality vinyl jazz… Darrel explains that being a drummer first of all and drumming since he was 13 yrs old, playing jazz, funk, rock – all sorts. He then realised a lot of the music that was being released did not give a true snapshot in time. “Music should be just like a snapshot in time, like a photograph actually” (he smiles convincingly). He says so much is over-produced, so he reckoned if he could record something in one or two takes, whether straight to tape or through analogue, and then reproduce it through the highest quality format of analogue, which is vinyl, “…well, reel to reel is” he remarks. When he talks about it as a consumer format, vinyl is the one, then and only then, he feels he should definitely do it. Starting a “hobby label” in 2009 with two releases, which he licensed from the BBC being Tubby Hayes and Joe Harriott, he soon found himself selling out of both, so he repeats the process. The releases do well again, and then again, and by 2012 the decision was taken to build the Gearbox studio, to which he is subsequently introduced, by a friend of his, to Hugh Padgham and goes full-time. Soon after, Adam Sieff joins the Gearbox team.

Read the full Interview on the UK Vibe.