Tony Minvielle’s website quotes his “one aim (is) to share beautiful music with all who will listen”. Well, I am definitely listening, Tony, and what good music this is for my ears!

Difficult to talk about Tony without using so many superlatives like: the talented, super cool and gurutastic Mr Minvielle, but that is the state of things.

Writer/ Broadcaster Minvielle has a career spanning 30 years and has worked with and interviewed some of the big names from all the different music galaxies like Gregory Porter, Jazz Warriors, Gill Scott Heron, George Benson, Galliano, Omar, just to mention a few.

“Into Somethin’ vol one” has an incredible array of talents on board.
Carl Hudson with “Sea Snake”, a refreshing piece of jazz funk. Carl, keyboardist par excellence
Personal Life and “Distance Can Be Sweet” flows and excites. Just right.
12-piece band, Collective Peace with “Let The Music Play” is mellow satin-smooth jazz from Detroit, full of soul. More from the “Peace” guys please!
A rendition of “You Go to My Head” as performed by the duet that is Lauren Desberg and Gretchen Parlato is pitch perfect.
The über talented Cecilia Stalin teaming up with producer (and bassist) Khari Cabral Simmons to offer us a different take on the Beatles’ “Norwegian Wood”. Cecilia, Cecilia, you fabulously woman! A voice of many facets.
Wondrous Italian drummer and composer, Tommaso Cappellato, adds the icing on the cake with the eclectic “Music Power”.
My personal favourite: Guida de Palma & Jazzinho with “A Seed in You” featuring the legend that is Leon Ware! A real gem in the treasure chest of “Into Somethin’ vol one”.

Love the diversity, the musicality, the incomparable talents united to create such musical fluidity.

The compilation is out now on the brand new UK division of The Sound of Everything Records independent label.

By Erminia Yardley.