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I also write for some other great companies and websites, you can read all my articles here.

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UK Vibe Articles

[/custom_headline][text_output][icon type=”pencil”] Sean Khan @ Ronnie Scott’s
[icon type=”pencil”] David Sinclair’s 25 years of jazz photography
[icon type=”pencil”] Dee Dee Bridgewater 2015
[icon type=”pencil”] Mark Guiliana Quartet @ Ronnie Scott’s
[icon type=”pencil”] Mark Guiliana 2015
[icon type=”pencil”] Tom McClung 2015 – Burning Bright
[icon type=”pencil”] Cecile McLorin Salvant / Aaron Diehl Trio @ Ronnie Scott’s
[icon type=”pencil”] TG Collective & Mike Fletcher Trio @ Kings Palace 
[icon type=”pencil”] Kyle Eastwood Band @ Ronnie Scott’s
[icon type=”pencil”] Pat Martino Trio @ Ronnie Scott’s
[icon type=”pencil”] ‘The Long Shadow of the Little Giant: The Life, Work and Legacy of Tubby Hayes’ by Simon Spillett. The book review.
[icon type=”pencil”] Cyrille Aimee @ Ronnie Scotts
[icon type=”pencil”] Gearbox Records London
[icon type=”pencil”] Garrison Fewell – Outside Music, Inside Voices
[icon type=”pencil”] Sarah Weller @ Ronnie Scott’s
[icon type=”pencil”] Jamie Cullum Photography Exhibition
[icon type=”pencil”] Ravi Coltrane @ Ronnie Scott’s
[icon type=”pencil”] Sarah Weller Band and Azymuth
[icon type=”pencil”] Renegades of Jazz ‘Paradise Lost’
[icon type=”pencil”] Simon Spillett on Tubby Hayes
[icon type=”pencil”] Nicola Conte Combo
[icon type=”pencil”] Cecilia Stalin @606
[icon type=”pencil”] Tom Green Septet ‘Skyline’
[icon type=”pencil”] Stephanie Nicole ‘Solutionary One’[/text_output][custom_headline level=”h4″ looks_like=”h4″]

Jazz London Radio

[/custom_headline][text_output][icon type=”pencil”] Hypnotic Brass Ensemble at Ronnie Scotts
[icon type=”pencil”] Photographer Carl Hyde
[icon type=”pencil”] Ian Chalk Interview – “Let there be Jazz!”
[icon type=”pencil”] Alice in Grooveland – CD Review[/text_output][custom_headline level=”h4″ looks_like=”h4″]

London Jazz News

[/custom_headline][text_output][icon type=”pencil”] John Coltrane’s ‘A Love Supreme’ at Union Chapel
[icon type=”pencil”] Interview with Jacqui Dankworth
[icon type=”pencil”] Kansas Smittys at the Late Late Show at Ronnie Scott’s[/text_output][custom_headline level=”h4″ looks_like=”h4″]

Kind of Jazz

[/custom_headline][text_output][icon type=”pencil”] Jazz in the Round, featuring Evan Parker
[icon type=”pencil”] Wild Card, Oliver’s Jazz Bar
[icon type=”pencil”] Nicola Conte @ Ronnie Scott’s
[icon type=”pencil”] Robert Sabin – Humanity Part II
[icon type=”pencil”] The Puppini Sisters @ Ronnie Scott’s
[icon type=”pencil”] Ray Gelato and the Giants @ Ronnie Scott’s
[icon type=”pencil”] Cecile McLorin Salvant
[icon type=”pencil”] Gary Bartz Quartet
[icon type=”pencil”] Theatralia Jazz Festival
[icon type=”pencil”] Cecilia Stalin & Khari Cabral Simmons
[icon type=”pencil”] Cecile McLorin Salvant – For One to Love
[icon type=”pencil”] Robert Glasper Trio – Ronnie Scott’s, London 13th July 2015
[icon type=”pencil”] Ten Questions for Ian Chalk, English Jazz Trumpet Player
[icon type=”pencil”] Robert Glasper Trio Covered[/text_output]

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