Publications I write for.

The publications listed below are a selection of outlets that write for. Please feel free to click through to view that articles I’ve contributed.

Jazz In Europe is an English language website dedicated to the European Jazz & Blues scene. Their goal is to spread the word about all the great jazz talent and happenings in the European jazz scene to the broadest audience that can be reached. The focus is world wide and this is represented by the large global readership.

Kind of Jazz was founded by Matthew Ruddick the author of Funny Valentine, an acclaimed new biography of the jazz trumpet player and singer, Chet Baker. Kind of jazz aims to publish reviews and interviews from the best in jazz and jazz-influenced.

The Uk Vibe is an English based website that publishes content across a broad section of the arts sector.

London Jazz News was started as a blog by Sebastian Scotney in 2009, and has gone on growing ever since. The unmediated voice of the musician is a feature. One commentator wrote: “LJN has given musicians a voice in the jazz press.  LJN also covers jazz and jazz-related news from way beyond London.

Jazz London Radio was launched in 2014. Whilst being a jazz station, having the freedom to play different musical styles and genres such as a Rock and Blues show or World Music special appeals to a wide audience. With daily playlists mixing all of this music together under the great jazz umbrella, some of the music played here may not be jazz, but it will be in the jazz spirit of creativity and freedom, whether that be Indie or Electronica.