My friend, the Gentle Author, who runs the splendid “” website, wrote a piece a while ago on Bob Mazzer, the photographer. I had been reading Spitalfields Life for a while, I have been and still am a devoted fan, but this particular piece struck a deeper chord.

The article talked about the most incredibly touching AND at times funny photographs: those by the great photographer, Bob Mazzer, who, with the publication of “Underground” (Spitalfields Life Books) is finally being recognized as a genius!

Bob 1

Bob has the innate talent of someone who recognizes the human condition when he sees it. One thing is seeing it, and another is recognizing it…Bob 2

I love Bob’s style, his lense will never intrude, but rather invite you in. Even the most obnoxious-looking people in his photos, will not look so.

Bob 3

Everyone becomes part of that mad and hectic and yet very beautiful cosmos that is, in fact, London town!

So we enter the real London Town of the 70s and early 80s when people were lighting up a cigarette or drinking spirits and beer whilst travelling on the Tube.

I had a big smile on my face when I first looked at the photo of the two ladies, drinks in their hands, totally relaxed in front of Bob’s camera… (inebriated or not).

Bob 4

The amazing thing about Bob Mazzer and his camera is that the more you look at his photos, the more you want to know! There is nothing more incredible than looking at some of his works and being drawn into that world, a world that, when we stop to think about it, is not really that far away, the pictures are only a few decades old, but that world has gone, mutated into a different place where it is not possible to drink or smoke or even sing or play music anymore freely (one needs a license, don’t you know?).

It is difficult to define “the human condition” in a few words, but perhaps here is a way of doing it with some of Bob’s fabulous pictures!

Bob 5

Bob 6

And my all time favourite: the most moving picture, I think.Bob 7

Bob Mazzer’s “Underground” is at the Howard Griffin Gallery – 189 Shoreditch High Street – London E1 6HU till 13th July 2014.
Don’t miss it.
Photographs copyright ©Bob Mazzer